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  • Chess: The chess club will focus on introducing the concepts of the game. The club will boost critical thinking and decision making skills. Members will be encouraged to join local and national tournaments.
  • BAM!: Seeks to improve academic achievement and interest in science by introducing club members to wonders of science, and technology. Members will learn about fossils, identify rocks and minerals and conduct their very own science experiment. Club members will learn and participate in discussions on the vast areas of science, such as environmental issues and health topics.
  • Creative Writing: Members will learn to write creatively in a range of areas including poetry, scripts, biographies, genre writing, short story writing and non-fiction writing. The Creative Writing course teaches simple techniques that writers employ to recycle basic ideas for use across many different areas.
  • Language exchange: This club will help its members develop a better understanding of others through the use of language. We believe that the study of language has many benefits. It provides insights, sensitivity, and understanding to our own language and to the languages of others. Language is the moving version of culture. It encourages intellectual development and it lays a foundation for appreciating other cultures. Kids and teens will learn and have fun, too.