• Art Club: Club members will explore their artistic abilities through drawing, painting, collage, mixed media, and sculpture. The focus of this club will be to design a large-scale mural or group project; which will mirror the faces and cultures of the community. The creation of this project will be used as a tool to teach communication, teamwork, leadership, and art skills. To assess the success of the program, at the end of the workshops participants will host an art show where they will display their art and a descriptive narrative of the experience for peer, staff, and community critique.
  • Design Club: We live in a visual world touched by designers who are specially trained to grab your attention and capture your imagination. However, these designers need imagination and creativity as well as professional training. The club is structured to introduce members to the diverse areas of fashion & design such as merchandising, graphic and accessory design. Club members will learn the factors to consider, such as form, function, color, image and aesthetics, when creating effective and memorable designs.
  • Dance: (the following program will be offered as a mommy and me class, total body work out class for all ages and will run daily): Club members will enjoyAfro-Puerto Rican rhythms of Bomba and Plena, along with salsa, Merengue and Latin jazz. Members will experience various styles of dance, from traditional folkloric to modern day technique in a welcoming, friendly atmosphere. While learning leading and following step patterns, and partnering skills, members will have fun dancing
  • Cooking express: The love of food is rooted in the development of the course. Growing Minds will introduce children to the pleasures and benefits of healthful food through farm and market visits and hands-on cooking workshops. This unique culinary experience offers cooking classes in a safe environment that encourages discovery and creativity. Each class is a new experience with fresh monthly themes and exciting new programs. Students sharpen their skills as we take the fear, mystery and the unknown out of cooking. In addition, each class and event incorporates supplemental subject matter which ties into each theme. Our staff of highly qualified teachers, chefs and nutritional experts carries out our mission to provide an interactive learning experience that gives children the opportunity to develop a life-long love for the culinary arts.
  • Photography: All programs are designed to teach youth the fundamentals of photography and consist of hands-on application and projects. Students are taken from a beginner level to an advanced. In order to accomplish this goal, students are immersed in intensive classroom, and field work. Members work on state of the art equipment to create video productions, animation or photography and create a real portfolio.